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November 4, 2012
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Vida Sketch by Shin--chan Vida Sketch by Shin--chan
My new OC Vida
Name: Vida Voskov
Ethnicity: Russian
Type: Super human
Age: 17 years old
Height: 5ft 7in
Hair: Green
Eyes: green
Occupation: Former Mercenary
Weapons: 3 sword, 3 knives and 2 plasma guns.
Background Story: An orphan who was taken in by the Russian military and was experimented on to create a super human mercenary. She was a part of the super soldier project named "Spaseniye" (Salvation). Was a cold blooded mercenary but got a change of heart due to her partner Vladmir Broskonovich. After her team was rendered obsolete and killed by the military, she ran away from them at the age of 13 and goes into the world to help people.
...I realised I have never commented on this :stare:
...I'm gonna try and get through some more deviations soon I swear.

But Viiiidaaaa! :heart:
Honestly, I just love this character so much Q____QAnd Sacha does tooShe's just so amazing! I really love her backstory, its so cool, but so sad for her. I'm so glad she got away from the military and is the wonderful, helpful girl we all know and love today! :love:

And all those weapons she can use
Like a boss :iconbadassplz:

And the sketch of her is amazing! *O* I really love her design too, she's really beautiful! :heart: And you drew her weapons so well! I'm really just in love with her cape in this sketch, your pencil shading is just so Q___Q
....what are words
btw, your amazing and your denials won't ever change my mind
Shin--chan May 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Daww~! Thank you :iconaawplz:
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